Bad thougths


Invasive thoughts are fighting to get out and make you take action.

You try to ignore them and push them down but they end up in your subconsciousness.
They are directing you in the brain’s backroom just waiting to drift back on the surface.

Stoneware / porcelain
31 x 27 x 27cm

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“Bad thoughts” is a somewhat smaller sized table-top sculpture.
Seven life-sized faces form a bowl where white miniature porcelain people are ascending from inside it.
It seems like the people inside have had a rough fight. Some of the soldiers are missing their heads or limbs.
A glossy crackling glaze layer is melting the entire white part together.

The dark faces have a rough surface, similar to a lava stone.
The bubbly glaze makes it look like the exterior of the sculpture is melting. Still, it shows enough detail to show the main characteristics of the faces.
The dark brownish black glaze has a blue or gray sheen, depending on the light.

“Bad thougths” has been shown at two exhibitions:
2021 Inkubaator, Estonian Ceramists Associations annual exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia
2022 Afterlife: dying to get there, Mark Rothko art center, Daugavpils, Latvia

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 31 cm